Modulo satellite "Regudis W-HTF"
15 l/min, scamb. calore bras. nickel, circ. misc., uscita al

OVENTROP-"Regudis W-HTF" Dwelling station with variable temperature circuit and high temperature circuit Hot potable water performance range - 15 l/min.

For the supply of heat and cold and hot potable water to individual dwellings without using auxiliary energy. Station completely pre-assembled on a base plate, leakage and function tested at works.

Consisting of:

-Nickel brazed stainless steel heat exchanger, vertically installed, which reduces the risk of calcification -Proportional flow controller with potable water priority function and integrated cold water throttling disc (the components of the potable water circuit are coated) -Thermostatic temperature controller with quick- acting sensor for the control of the hot water outlet temperature -Spacer for heat meter installation 110 mm, G ¾ with reducer for sensor connection G ½ for use of direct immersion sensors -Cold water dwelling connection with spacer for cold water meter 110 mm, G ¾ to meter the total water consumption of a dwelling -Valve for zone control which can be equipped with an actuator -Facility for the deaeration and draining of the heating circuit -Differential pressure regulator in the heating water return for differential pressure regulation during quickly alternating operational conditions when drawing off hot water and for differential pressure regulation in the heating circuit of the dwelling -Strainer in the primary heating water circuit and the secondary heating circuit return -7 flat sealing G ¾ collar nuts for the connection of the station to the supply pipes and the potable water circuit of the dwelling -Complete piping of the station made of stainless steel, 18 x1

Min. cold water pressure: 2.5 bar Min. differential pressure supply: 300 mbar Draw off temperature tdraw off: 45 °C up to 60 °C Min. flow temperature: tdraw off + 15 K

Pressione nominale: 10 bar
max. operating temperature: 90 °C
Quantità di prelievo: 15

Item no.: 1341361
EAN: 4026755411850
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
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Dimensioni del prodotto
Lunghezza Larghezza Altezza Peso
110 mm 630 mm 655 mm 19,92 kg
Unità di imballaggio
Tipologia Quantita` Lunghezza Larghezza Altezza Peso
Cartone 1 140 mm 645 mm 678 mm 21,73 kg
Europallet 8 1200 mm 800 mm 1200 mm 184,58 kg
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ETIM 7.0 EC012346
District heating unit
Property Value
Larghezza 630 mm
esecuzione indiretto
Altezza 665 mm
profondità 110 mm
adatto per riscaldamento centralizzato/condotta dell'acqua
collegamento mandata/ritorno riscaldamento filettatura interna
collegamento mandata filettatura interna
collegamento ritorno filettatura interna
With adapter for heat meter
With heat meter
Primary flow temperature 20 - 50
Tap water power 36 kW
intervallo di regolazione temperatura acqua del rubinetto calda 40 - 70
diametro nominale interno collegamento acqua calda 3/4 di pollice (20)
diametro nominale interno acqua potabile fredda 3/4 di pollice (20)
portata di spillamento a 60 °C, funzionamento continuo 15 l/min
pressione di lavoro massima 1000 kPa
Exchanger with dual separation
collegamento acqua potabile fredda filettatura interna
collegamento acqua calda filettatura interna
Nominal inner diameter heating 3/4 di pollice (20)
diametro interno nominale mandata 3/4 di pollice (20)
diametro interno nominale ritorno 3/4 di pollice (20)