Saracinesca "Aquastrom KFR" FF/FF  FUORI PRODUZIONE
DN 25, racc. press.28mm, con scarico, bronzo

OVENTROP-KFR valve "Aquastrom KFR"

Combination free-flow valve and non-return check valve for potable water installations.

Oblique pattern valve made of bronze with plastic handle. All functioning components in one plane. Maintenance-free stem seal due to double O-ring.

DVGW certified (PN 10).

Sound absorbing according to DIN EN ISO 3822 product group I.

With rising stem.

With draining ball valve G ¼.

Press connection: For direct connection of copper pipes according to DIN EN 1057 / DVGW GW 392, stainless steel pipes according to DIN EN 10088 / DVGW GW 541. Pressing must be carried out to tighten the connection. Only use press jaws with the original contours SANHA (SA), Geberit-Mapress (MM) or Viega (Profipress) in corresponding size. Processing must be carried out according to the installation instructions.

both ports bronze press fittings

Material: Bronzo

Pressione nominale: 16 bar
max. operating temperature: 120 °C

Item no.: 4206255
EAN: 4026755344950
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
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170 mm 64,3 mm 125,6 mm 1,18 kg
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Cartone 1 170 mm 64,3 mm 125,6 mm 1,18 kg
Cartone 10 260 mm 260 mm 180 mm 12,16 kg
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ETIM 7.0 EC010058
Shut down valve (tap water)
Property Value
Trattamento superficiale non trattato
collegamento 1 Manicotto a pressare
collegamento 2 Manicotto a pressare
max. temperatura media (funzionamento continuato) 120 °C
sigillo di approvazione KIWA
With drain
Handle/hand wheel height 104 mm
Length of handle/diameter of hand wheel 65 mm
angolo del mandrino 45 °
Operation using hand wheel
collegamento diametro esterno tubo 28 mm
con raccordo di collegamento 1
con raccordo di collegamento 2
materiale della scatola bronzo
Con possibilità di scarico (collegamento)