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Electrothermal actuator "Aktor T ST"
24 V AC, normally closed

Electrothermal actuator "Aktor T ST" "L NC", 24 V, closed with current "off", 0 - 10 V

With automatic recognition of neutral point and valve travel.

The actuator (0 - 10 V) can be used in centralised building control systems in combination with the electronic room thermostat, item no. 1152151, or with a central controller.

Plug-in connecting cable 1 m. With First-Open function and stroke index. Easy plug-in connection with valve adapter.

Due to their construction, the electrothermal actuators are secured against overvoltage which could occur when switching on neon tubes. A varistor is thus not necessary.

Versione: “Normally closed”
Cod. Art.: 1012953
EAN: 4026755423365
Produttore: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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