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R-Tronic RT B (EnOcean) draadloze thermostaat voor Smart Home toepassingen
wit (RAL 9016)

Oventrop offers wireless thermostats with two types of radio communication:
The R-Tronic wireless thermostats with open radio communication according to EnOcean standard can be integrated directly into Smart Home systems.
The R-Tronic wireless thermostats with closed radio communication ( proprietary) are used in stand-alone operation in connection with wireless actuators to control radiators or in connection with a multi-channel wireless receiver to control surface heating systems.

The temperature setting as well as the storage of time programmes is carried out at the wireless thermostat or in the app of the Smart Home System. Depending on the model, an additional measurement of the relative humidity in % is possible.

Power is supplied by batteries or a power supply unit (100 - 240 V). For the battery-operated models, power supply via the mains is possible as an alternative (see chapter “R-Tronic Accessories”).

For the closed R-Tronic system, the following applies: In battery operation, up to 3 participants can be taught-in, in mains operation, up to 8 participants can be taught-in. In mains operation it is also possible to teach in window contacts.
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