Dwudrogowy zawór prosty
obustronnie kołnierze, DN 15, PN 16, kvs = 2,50

OVENTROP-Two-way valve

For use in central heating and cooling systems with closed circuits, for operation with non-aggressive fluids (e.g water or suitable water and glycol mixtures according to VDI 2035).

Body made of cast iron, disc made of brass and stem made of stainless steel. Metal to metal seal between disc and seat.

The central nipple is closed with a cap. The valve can be used as three-way valve after removal of the cap.

oven@Material: żeliwo szare

kvs: 2.5
Średnica: DN 15

max. ciśnienie robocze: 16 bar
max. temperatura robocza: 0 °C
max. temperatura robocza: 130 °C

Item no.: 1130845
EAN: 4026755367065
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
Wymiary produktu
Długość Szerokość Wysokość Ciężar
165 mm 130 mm 95 mm 4,04 kg
Jednostka opakowaniowa
Rodzaj Ilość Długość Szerokość Wysokość Ciężar
Carton 1 210 mm 185 mm 130 mm 4,19 kg
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2160 px x 2400 px
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Arkusz danych technicznych
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Zawory 2-drogowe Dane techniczne 193,4 KB
ETIM 7.0 EC011310
Three-way control valve
Property Value
Surface protection Coated
Material quality Cast iron GG 25 (GJL-250)
Article compression class PN 16
Max. medium temperature (continuous) 130 °C
Min. medium temperature (continuous) 0 °C
Outer pipe diameter, all connections 95 mm
With connection 3 coupling
Flange compression class PN 16
Stroke length 10 mm
With connection 1 coupling
With connection 2 coupling
Housing material Cast iron
Kvs value 2.5
Connections Flange
Nominal inner diameter DN 15
Ground characteristic Equal percentage
Ground characteristic for bypass Linear
Installation method, distributive