Zawór typoszeregu AV 9
DN 20, PN 10, kątowy

OVENTROP-Thermostatic radiator valve "Series AV 9"

For use in two pipe central heating systems with circulation pump.

With infinitely adjustable presetting visible from outside.

Presetting is carried out under working conditions by using the presetting key or a spanner 13 mm. Replacement of the valve insert without draining the system.

Brass valve with nickel plated body, stem made of stainless steel. For threaded and compression connection. Tested and approved according to EN 215.

All valves of the "Series AV 9" have a white protection cap with 3 frontal lugs.

Thermostat connection thread: M 30 x 1.5

oven@Material: mosiądz
oven@Oberflaeche: niklowane

kvs: 1.3
średnica: DN 20

max. różnica ciśnień: 1 bar
max. ciśnienie robocze: 10 bar
max. temperatura robocza: 120 °C

Item no.: 1183706
EAN: 4026755407273
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
Wymiary produktu
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82,5 mm 68,5 mm 41,2 mm 0,35 kg
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Worek 1 85 mm 70 mm 45 mm 0,35 kg
Carton 25 302 mm 288 mm 128 mm 9,04 kg
Europaleta 2000 1200 mm 800 mm 1100 mm 743,8 kg

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Thermostatic radiator valves Technical information 3,98 MB

Dobór zaworu

ETIM 7.0 EC010136
Radiator stop valve
Property Value
Model Tailpiece/Inner thread
Height 53 mm
Shape Right-angled
Surface protection Nickel-plated
Colour button White
Operation Thermostatic with button
Automatic flow control
With dust cap
With compression set
Suitable for single pipe system
Suitable for two pipe system
Size of pipe connection 3/4 inch
Size of radiator connection 3/4 inch (20)
Shortened construction length
Reverse direction of flow
Size of thermostatic adjustment element M30 x 1.5
Can be preset
Housing material Brass
Kvs value 1.3
Thermostatically prepared
With bent tailpiece