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Your customers see 6 mm of elegant genuine glass.
You see a 100% flexible system.

A pro for bathroom design: Our new Unibox with a genuine glass cover, crafted in a high-quality design and available in different colours and styles, is a real eye-catching piece for your customers.

A pro during installation: Our surface heating system Unibox and additional modular solutions for room temperature control allow you to renovate bathrooms quickly and easily.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Compatible with Oventrop surface heating systems
  • High-quality genuine glass cover
  • Optional wireless control via R-Tronic wireless thermostat
  • Cover with tolerance compensation for optimum positioning
  • Cover of exclusive pre-installed versions can be retrofitted
Unibox Vorteile
Cofloor System

Surface temperature regulation?
Compatible control.

The Unibox is integrated when renovating an existing central heating system with radiators. A built-in return temperature limiter prevents excess temperatures in the screed. The Unibox gives floors a balanced temperature, making bathrooms much more cosy. The heat load is still transmitted by the radiator.

The Unibox is part of our sophisticated system for surface heating and cooling, flexibly combinable according to your requirements.


Compatible systems:

High-quality genuine glass cover

The genuine glass cover which comes in black or white is not only elegant, it’s also functional.

Unibox Echtglas Abdeckung
Unibox Upgrade

It is easy to swap out the cover on exclusive pre-installed versions to give current installations a modern look.

The cover’s clever design allows for the compensation of tolerances when installing the Unibox for enhanced aesthetics.

Unibox Ausgleich der Abdeckung
Unibox Komfort

Your customers want more comfort?

The optional wireless control via the R-Tronic wireless thermostat allows your customers to conveniently control the room temperature. Individually adjustable time profiles allow for the optimisation of energy requirements. In addition, the R-Tronic wireless thermostat delivers useful information on ambient air quality.

This allows the R-Tronic to help your customers improve efficiency and room climate, while reducing energy consumption.

Bathroom renovation?
Easily controlled with underfloor heating.

In the case of renovation, your customers also want to enjoy the advantages of underfloor heating in existing buildings.

With these components from our surface heating system, you can install underfloor heating in a bathroom renovation quickly and easily

Unibox System
Unibox Set

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Unibox for surface heating systems