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A good indoor climate –
can be created reliably and precisely with our solutions.

Indoor climate is an important issue for your customers: it has a direct influence on their well-being, their health and their performance. With our solutions, you offer them precise control - because all our components from the area of room temperature control as well as surface heating and cooling are carefully coordinated and always reliable. Just like our Cofloor surface heating and cooling system: it is easy to install, efficient in operation and durable. And comfortable for your customers - because people find it pleasant to heat or cool rooms via the surface.

These are the modular solutions from Oventrop with which you can efficiently control the room temperature:

Room climate

Room temperature control

Hydronic balancing at the radiator

Surface heating and cooling

How are room temperature
& air humidity related?

The right temperature in the room not only creates comfort, but also protects the building fabric from damage: If there is too much moisture in the air, it can condense on cold building components, because cold air absorbs less water vapour than warm air. In this case, mould can develop.

That is why it is so important to ventilate living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens several times a day to reduce the amount of water vapour contained in the room air.


Efficient temperature control: Automatically control the temperature in the room with room thermostats
• Open windows: Proper ventilation prevents excessive air humidity
Everything in view: Control humidity and carbon dioxide content of the room air, with our solutions with humidity, temperature and CO2 display

Controlling and regulating the indoor climate is not expensive - even with a small investment, for example in our i-Tronic climate meter, you increase comfort and reduce energy consumption via the heating.

The air in the room:
Not too dry, not too humid

Optimum humidity in the home is essential for good health.
If there is too much moisture in the air, mould can form - but dry heating air in winter is not acceptable either. Too little humidity can irritate the mucous membranes.

Houseplants with large leaves evaporate water through them, thus humidifying the air naturally and also converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.
Some plants can also filter pollutants from the air. Plants can therefore be used to improve the air quality and thus the indoor climate.

The relative humidity in percent is measured with a hygrometer - one is also installed in our solutions with humidity display. This means that you always have the air humidity under control and can counteract excessively humid or dry air by regular ventilation or humidification.

The highlight
of bathroom renovation –  

the new Unibox

Excellent design for optimum climate in the bathroom: our new Unibox with genuine glass cover.