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The perfect setting – Saving energy starts with the installation of new thermostats

Gas shortages, energy crisis, exploding heating costs: the reasons to use energy in a responsible and efficient manner in businesses, public buildings, offices and private households are manifold. 

A modern thermostat on the radiator is a real energy-saver. Because with the right setting, energy can be saved. Every degree less corresponds to a saving of about 6% energy.

Oventrop thermostats enable noticeably optimised heating and can also be easily retrofitted in existing buildings.

Individual feel-good comfort - energy-efficient control with Oventrop
Every person has her or his individual feel-good temperature. The Oventrop thermostat range is as extensive as the personal demands on the desired room temperature are diverse.
Oventrop thermostats control the desired temperature and keep it at a certain value in the room. For this purpose, the thermostat constantly measures the temperature and acts accordingly. The scale values 1-5 printed on the thermostat are assigned to approximately exact temperatures. Figure 3 means about 20 °C and figure 5 about 28 °C. - The scaling is for orientation purposes only, as the location and spatial conditions have a significant influence on the temperatures that can be achieved on the individual figures. 

The Oventrop Uni L and Uni X thermostats are equipped with a memo disc to mark a selected setting. This makes it easy to reset the desired temperature after turning the handwheel. The setting range can be limited or blocked using the limiting elements in or on the thermostat. Palpable setting aids help to easily find the basic setting “3” again. An absolute plus in unfavourable lighting conditions or for visually impaired people. Handling and readability are optimally coordinated, the control behaviour is excellent.

To ensure that everything fits, Oventrop also offers its thermostats as radiator set. Each set includes all the necessary fittings to connect a radiator and to control the room temperature in an energy-efficient way.

To ensure perfect and energy-efficient control even in niches, behind curtains or under window sills, the Uni L and Uni X thermostats with remote sensor or the Uni FH thermostat with remote control complete the range.

Time to change - But without compromises
Even when retrofitting or modernising existing conventional radiators or radiators with integrated valve set, no compromises are made in terms of energy efficiency or control behaviour. Here, Oventrop special thermostats (with connection thread or squeeze connection) make the work easier. Design, handling and control behaviour are identical to the standard thermostat range. Only the connection threads are specially adapted to the valve bodies of other manufacturers. The thermostats can be exchanged without adapter.

Perceptibly optimised heating - Q-Tech makes the difference
A perceptibly increased energy efficiency is achieved in the combination of the thermostats with AQ valves. The thermostatic valves with Q-Tech technology automatically control the hydronic balancing directly at the radiator. The pioneering Q-Tech technology ensures that all radiators in the dwelling are supplied evenly. Quiet operation is included, with energy savings of up to 15%. Existing systems can be easily retrofitted and renovated with Q-Tech valves, because complex presetting calculations are not required. This makes Q-Tech the reliable solution that can be implemented quickly, even if existing pipe networks are unknown.

Those who optimise their heating system now will benefit: Hydraulically balanced systems save up to 15% in heating energy and costs. More information at qtech.oventrop.com.

published at: 12.04.2023

Uni L - elegant and energy efficient Uni L - elegant and energy efficient

Uni X - excellent control behaviour Uni X - excellent control behaviour