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Our thermostatic valve makes hydronic balancing easy.

You want to optimise your existing heating system in terms of volume flow, system efficiency and energy consumption? Q-Tech is the pioneering solution for this: withthe AQ thermostatic valves you can carry out automatic hydronic balancing directly at the radiator.
With the new AQH thermostatic valves with even wider flow ranges, you can now also carry out automatic hydronic balancing in cooling systems.
You can now easily retrofit and renovate existing systems with the Q-Tech valves, because you dont't have to go the trouble of calculating preset values. For you this means: a reliable solution even if existing pipeworks are unknown.
The Q-Tech valve inserts find their place in many other components of the product familiy. This means you can use this technology in underfloor heating systems.
With the automatic hydronic balancing, you keep the volume flow in the system constant even if the differential pressure fluctuates. This saves energy, retains optimum room temperatures and eliminates flow noises. With the Q-Tech you can easily bring heating systems back into balance.

Advantages of Q-Tech

  • Optimum room temperatures: no overheated or undercooled rooms
  • Good system efficiency: optimised calorific value
  • No flow noise at thermostatic valves
  • Energy savings
  • Simple and infinitely variable adjustment with setting key only
  • Setting can be read off from the outside
  • Wide flow range: 10-170 l/h (35-420 l/h)
  • Wide differential pressure control range up to 1.5 bar
  • Automatic controls of the set value
  • Flow control independent of the differential pressure

Our modular system for hydronic balancing

Thermostatic Valves
Thermostatventil E
For automatic hydronic balancing at the radiator in central heating and cooling systems with closed circuits – ideal for retrofitting and refurbishment .
Valves with high flow rate (AQH) for automatic hydronic balancing in heating and cooling systems with closed water circuit.
The design of the exclusive radiator fittings combines exceptional form with outstanding function, especially for modern radiators and bathroom radiators.
This connection fitting is a combination consisting of a thermostatic valve and a connection fitting at the radiator.
Connection fitting for the combined use of radiators and surface temperature regulation in two pipe systems.
For the connection of radiators with integrated valve set – and automatic hydronic balancing at the radiator.
Heating circuit distributors/collectors

Multidis SFQ

For automatic hydronic balancing in surface heating and cooling systems – with integrated shutoffs.
Surface temperature regulation
Unibox TQ

Münchner Airport Center

Optimum climate in all rooms.
Efficient control.

The Munich Airport Center is a multifunctional service centre and the heart of Munich Airport. In the office and conference rooms of the MUC, Oventrop thermostats and thermostatic valves ensure an optimum indoor climate.

Unmatched expertise?
Compact control.

Expand your expertise in our OV Academy. Compact and efficient, train in our virtual classroom or at face-to-face events. You want to learn more about hydronic balancing? Our courses will help you to work even more efficiently with our modular products and systems.