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The new app of the company Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG offers design options, information and service all around the Oventrop product range.

What could previously only be carried out with the help of programmes at the desk, can now be done with the help of the mobile phone directly on the customer’s premises. The free Oventrop app allows the user to carry out hydronic balancing on site.

All work, whether heat load calculation, selection and design of valves or differential pressure regulator dimensioning can be carried out and documented with the help of the app. The output of DIN radiators can be determined, too. The collected data can be sent by e-mail. All important print documents, such as Oventrop technical data sheets or the optionally available Oventrop catalogue, can now be retrieved in one’s pants pocket. 


- Rapid heat load calculation according to DIN EN 12831
- Determination of the radiator capacity (DIN radiators)
- Thermostatic valve design
- Double regulating and commissioning valve design
- Differential pressure regulator design
- ErP System label calculation
- Project management
- Oventrop catalogue (as an option)
- Technical data
- Oventrop News
- Oventrop addresses (depending on the country)