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Hydronic balancing?
Quickly documented with our design software OVplan

Our free OVplan design software enables the calculation of the hydronic balancing of pipe networks (heating/ cooling/ potable water) and surface heating systems. Systems with our Regudis W dwelling stations can also be designed.
You want to document a hydronic balancing?
With our OVplan design software you can do it easily:
  • Simplified heating load calculation according to DIN 12831 for existing buildings
  • DIN radiator design in existing and new buildings
  • Pipe network calculation for heating, cooling and potable water
  • Regudis W dwelling station design
  • Surface heating system design
  • Output of valve presetting values, pipe dimensioning, pump delivery heads,
    material lists and much more
The simplified heating load method according to DIN EN 12831 Supplement 3 and a radiator design based on DIN radiator data enable the calculation of the radiator volume flows.
The pipe network calculation for the hydronic balancing is carried out by creating a pipeline diagram using a graphical input interface.
The following data for the hydronic balancing are calculated and output:
  • Valve presetting values of thermostatic valves, differential pressure regulators and double regulating valves
  • Pipe dimensions
  • Output of the consumers
  • Pump delivery head
  • Output of the heat or cold generator
  • Material list
Max. 100 consumers per project.
The surface heating calculation determines:
  • Circuit design
  • Material list
Max. 100 heating circuits per project.

OVplan –
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