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Historic Housing uses Modern Technology.

Southern Housing group employed Durkan Construction to upgrade the historic Lisgar Terrace estate. Redesigning homes to modern standards, to improve living conditions for existing residents, whilst increasing the total number of homes by 20%. The increase in homes was achieved by adding an extra floor to the existing buildings. With £50m being invested Southern Housing Group wanted to ensure the very best for their tenants and as part of the works decided on solar thermal as an economic and effective way of achieving this.
Oventrop UK limited were employed by H&V Service Plan to deliver solar thermal domestic hot water systems to 7no newly created apartments on phase 2 of the development. The remit of OVUK was the full design supply and installation of suitable systems. The project was extremely involved with OVUK providing not only efficiency and dimensional data but also wind loading calculation as the OKF solar thermal collectors and associated framework could not be mechanically fixed through the new roof covering, as such a ballast system was used.
Each of the 7 systems used 2no OKF CS22 high efficiency solar thermal collectors mounted on aluminium time saving 'A-Frame' mounting systems, utilising a ballast system. The angle of the collectors was optimised to enhance performance for the specific location. The systems were all connected using highly insulated, stainless steel pipe installed in single lengths to avoid joints and lower any risk of leaks in the future. The system fluid (Tyfocor LS Polyproline Glycol) is circulated via an Oventrop Regusol pump set and controlled using an Oventrop Regtronic Controller with built in over heat protection both of which are ERP compliant.
The systems will heat 200L of water to 60 degrees c on bright days. The water is stored in a high efficiency stainless steel unvented hot water cylinder located in the services cupboard of each apartment. On average each tenant can expect to save circa 40% on their costs for heating their domestic hot water as well as saving circa 500kg of CO2 per system and doing their bit for the environment.

published at: 12.02.2018