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Hotel Buiterling
Brilon, Germany

Buiterling Hotel
Type Hotel
Project New building
Execution 2019-2020
/ Investor
Daniela Fiedler

In the middle of the Hochsauerland region lies Brilon, the most densly wooded town in Germany. When walking through the old town of the historic hanseatic city and former capital of the Duchy of Westphalia, you stroll through many centuries. But modernity also combines with charm of the past. One example is the hotel Buiterling, which is located in a renovated Art Nouveau house.

Brilon is a tourist attraction. This can be attributed not only to the neighbouring ski areas, but also to the idyllic landscapes that surround the town. So it is obvious that the area must also provide hotels with a certain level of comfort. One of these is the hotel Buiterling, which opened in 2020. Owner Daniela Fiedler has fulfilled a dream with this. “From the moment I entered the beautiful Art Nouveau house, it was love at first sight. Both the architecture and the history of the former chief physician's house fascinated me. And the idea to open a boutique hotel was born. For me, the perfect location to create something unique.”

The hotel name is not by chance. In Brilon, a Buiterling is a migrant, someone who comes from outside and settles in Brilon. Although not every visitor will put down roots directly, it does underline the hospitality of the little town. Daniela Fiedler also found her new home in the town a long time ago.

The hotel in the former chief physician's house in the heart of Brilon is located directly in the city centre and offers ten individually designed rooms. The private management gives the hotel a special charm that sets it apart from the large hotel chains. Not is only the owner's personal style expressed in the rooms, but stylistic elements of the surroundings are also integrated.

Old walls with a modern heating system

The hotel is heated by radiators. In order to offer the travellers not only comfort but also efficiency, the owner, together with the architect, decided on the pracitical Multiblock T connection fitting from Oventrop. The advantage of the product is that the supply and return connection can be freely selected and swapped depending on the on-site situation. In addition, TQ versions are available for automatic hydronic balancing in two pipe heating systems.

To create an individual and pleasant room climate, the Oventrop thermostats Uni LH, Uni SH, Uni XH and pinox were also used. Due to the different designs, they can be optimally integrated into the interior design. The control range can be limited or blocked by means of limiting elements, which is particularly advantageous in hotel facilities. Moreover, the users can set the room temperature to the exact degree themselves.

Interview with the owner Daniela Fiedler

Oventrop: Nowadays, hotels not only have to offer accomodation for customers and guests, but also score with a certain standard and this includes the heating system. What was important to you in the use or selection? Which functions should be in focus?

Daniela Fiedler: I honestly relied on the architect. I'm not a technician, but of course it must be ensured that it is a high-quality heating system that works even in the depth of winter. Especially in a hotel, no sudden heating failure should threaten at night. However, I wanted to have as few small radiators as possible in the rooms. That's certainly because I focus on optics. In general, modern technology was important to me. In an old building, however, you only have limited options. For example, we first wanted to partially use and integrate old radiators. However, that wouldn't have been a good idea for energy efficiency reasons. Reliability is the be-all and end-all in a hotel.

Oventrop: I just had a look around.You have chosen thermostatic valves on the individual radiators. Was this done for a reason? Why are the temperatures not controlled centrally?

Daniela Fiedler: That was a common descision of the plumbing company and the architect. However, I support the decision. I don't want to tell the guest how warm or cold the room should be. One person likes to sleep in a warm room and the other likes it a bit colder. And so the guest can regulate the temperature individually himself. In the lobby, things are a little different. Here we have set up a wood-burning stove. When we fire it up winter, it's warm enough. We don't need the central heating then. When the stove is not in use, the radiator is switched back on. Here too, we view things individually. The stairwell is huge and of course consumes a lot of energy. It is also regulated manually. A different type of control would probably also involve more effort. In any case, we see the decision as the optimal solution for us. Each room is differently warm. The old building is well insulated, but we also have high ceilings and some slopes. So you can deal with it individually. In addition, the manually operated thermostats further emphasise the charm of the old building.

Oventrop: So the room temperatures are only controlled via the radiators and the outside temperature-controlled heating system?

Daniela Fiedler: Yes, the heating system only starts up at a certain outside temperature, as usual. The heat is then transferred to the rooms via the beautifully designed radiators. Underfloor heating would only have been possible with great effort. That's why we decided against ist. In addition, radiators react much faster.

Oventrop: One last question: Would you use Oventrop products again for further building projects or would you recommend them?

Daniela Fiedler: To be honest, for me it is simply a controller or a heating system. I have not bothered with the question which company produced the components. It has to work and be reliable. And that is the case. That's why I would have the products installed again. But I don't have a personal connection to it. I hope you can understand that. My priorities lie elsewhere. But as mentioned, we have not had any negative experiences. Therefore we will rely on Oventrop products in the future as well.