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Toc-Uno Heating oil deaerator
DN 10, tank side G ¼ IT, burner side G ¼ IT, without hose

Toc-Uno heating oil deaerator 

For automatic venting of oil firing systems that are operated as one pipe systems with return flow feed (suction operation). Deaeartor body made of metal for wall mounting. Dearator cap made of transparent plastic for function control of the safety float.

Max. nozzle capacity: 110 l/h EL heating oil
Max. flow of returned oil: 120 l/h EL heating oil
Min. venting capacity: 6 l/h air

Connection tank side: G ¼ internal thread
Connection burner side: G ¼ internal thread
Art.No.: 2142901
EAN: 4026755298512
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.


Dimensions of article

Length Width Height Weight
134 mm 98 mm 96 mm 0,58 kg

Packing units

Type Qty. Length Width Height Weight
Carton 1 138 mm 112 mm 99 mm 0,63 kg
Unknown 528 1200 mm 800 mm 950 mm 412,11 kg


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