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Large-scale hydronics.*
Modular control.

We have made our HydroControl even better so that you can work faster and easier. Only one thing hasn't changed: Our new balancing valves are also absolutely reliable. And that for a long time - because they are made in Germany, in the proven Oventrop quality. The new HydroControl replaces the previous generation and brings benefits for HVAC professionals and building owners.
*HydroControl in the ICC Sydney: learn more about our reference

Advantages of our HydroControl

for consultants and contractors
  • Simple sizing thanks to a wide flow range
  • Simple selection: measure, drain and fill with HydroPort which are always included
  • Best control quality even at low settings
for wholesalers
  • Few versions save storage place
  • Suitable for every application
  • Modular system: Nominal sizes up to DN 400
for investors and owners
  • Long-term reliability and precision
  • Functional quality
  • Hydronic balancing for every type of building

Our modular system.
Solutions that are compatible with the HydroControl:

Opera Dubai (Foto: © Abrar Sharif / Shutterstock)

Precise cooling.
Global control.

The previous generation of HydroControl double regulating and commissioning valves was already successful - our international references show how well-known buildings around the world are equipped with our modular solutions.

Your expertise -
our mission.

Expand your expertise in our OV Academy. Compact and efficient, in our virtual classroom or at on-site events. You want to learn more about hydronic balancing? Our courses will help you to work even more efficiently with our modular products and systems.

Faster sizing and calculation with HydroSet

HydroSet is the digital slide ruler for the convenient calculation of the presetting value.
Hydroset App

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