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our Regudis W-HTE dwelling stations

With the Regudis W-HTE - our dwelling station - you control hot potable water preparation in a modern way: Decentralised hot potable water preparation with dwelling stations is considered a small system. Therefore, it does not fall under the obligation to test for legionella according to the Potable Water Ordinance. Decentalised hot potable water preparation is considered particularly hygienic - and you are on the safe side.
Our Regudis W-HTE is a pioneering system solution. That means for you: you only need to be familiar with one product and can extend it by modules. This allows you to adapt the station to new applications or add further functions, for example with our instantaneous water heater module or our Duo heating circuit separation module. We also make installation easy for you: the Regudis W-HTE is clearly structured so that you can install it quickly.
Our Regudis W-HTE also leads the way in terms of hydraulic key figures: the Regudis W-HTE is currently the benchmark in terms of pressure loss, discharge capacity and the low system temperatures required - other products on the market do not achieve these values. Together with a smart insulation concept, our dwelling stations ensure energy-efficient operation of the system and a high level of comfort for your customers.

The advantages of  the Regudis W-HTE dwelling stations

for installers:
  • Simple installation: only three supply pipes required
  • Safe hygiene through decentralised hot potable water preparation according to the continuous flow principle
  • System solution: extendable e.g. by the instantaneous water heater module
  • Compact design: 110 mm installation depth
  • Innovative heat exchanger with Sealix® protective layer for more safety at installation sites with critical water conditions
for consultants
  • Safe dimensioning of large potable water installations: proven operational safety and high planning reliability
  • Safe hygiene through decentralised hot potable water preparation according to the continuous flow principle
  • Efficient operation even with low temperature systems
  • Smart insulation concept: heat-carrying and cold-carrying components are separated
  • High discharge capacities even at lower flow temperatures
  • Optimised performance even with pressure loss

Modular extension of the dwelling station?
Efficient reheating control.

Extend the Regudis W-HTE by our instantaneous water heater module if hot potable water needs to be reheated. For example, if an air-water heat pump is operated - it then only has to generate the flow temperature for the heating system. The instantaneous water heater module is easily compatible with the Regudis W-HTE.
Duo-Modul Heizkörper

Separation of the heating circuits?
Safe with this module.

You want to separate the heating circuit of a dwelling from the heating circuit of the building? Our Duo heating circuit separation module safely separates the systems, for example when operating in a local heating network. Separating the circuits also creates additional safety in the event of possible leaks.

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my4walls Serviced Apartments Hamburg

A modern system solution.
Proven reliability.

Comfort is the top priority: the my4walls serviced dwellings in Hamburg’s Winterhude district offer their residents everything in the best quality - including potable water hygiene and optimum room temperatures. This project used custom-made Regudis W dwelling stations.

An Oventrop system solution.
100% support.

You want to design systems with the Regudis W dwelling station? It's very easy with our OVplan planning software. If you want, we can do the design for you – just contact us. For further information and our current regional offers, please contact your local Oventrop contact person directly.
In 2011, there was an amendment to the Potable Water Ordinance. Since then, hot potable water preparation has been rethought. The background: The Potable Water Ordinance differentiates between large and small systems. A large system is defined as a central storage water heater with a capacity of more than 400 litres or if the pipe between the water heater and the last draw off point exceeds 3 litres. Normally, this is always the case for multiple dwellings with three or more residential units.
In these large systems there is a duty to examine the potable water at least every three years, among other things for legionella. The examination is time-consuming and expensive. If certain limit values are exceeded, this must be reported to the public health department and a hazard analysis must be carried out, which is associated with further costs.
Small systems have the advantage that they can be operated without any further requirements - which is why people have been focusing on decentralised hot potable water preparation for some years now. Dwelling stations are the solution for this, as they are installed in the dwelling and the pipe content up to the draw off points is usually less than 3 litres. In addition, water and heat meters can be installed via spacers and billing can be done by dwelling.
Aquanova System

Know a system solution.
Master all challenges.

Potable water hygiene is becoming increasingly important. For planners and installers, safety and reliability are key issues for the installation of potable water systems. With our Aquanova potable water system technology, we meet precisely the requirements - and constantly adapt the system to changing conditions.

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