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Regumaq XZ-30 Fresh water station
with Regtronic RQ controller, heat exhanger copper brazed

Regumaq XZ-30 fresh water station with Regtronic RQ controller, heat exchanger copper brazed

Electronically controlled product assembly with heat exchanger for the hygienic heating of potable water according to the continuous flow principle. The potable water is heated at the moment it is needed: Just in time. For connection to the buffer storage cylinder. Depending on the temperature and the volume flow on the potable water side, the circulation pump on the primary side is speed-controlled.

The plate heat exchanger meets the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Due to the turbulent flow guidance, a good self-cleaning effect is achieved and thus contamination is prevented.

The plate heat exchanger can be flushed using the fill and drain cocks integrated in the primary and secondary circuit. The potable water circuit is protected by a 10 bar safety valve. The fittings of the heat exchanger system have flat sealing connections, are ready mounted on a support plate and tested for leaks.

The Regtronic RQ controller is fully wired with the internal electrical components and has a data bus (S-bus) for connection to the CS-BS data logger.

- Number of heat exchanger plates: 30
- Discharge capacity: 20 - 45 l/min., depending on the set potable water temperature and the existing buffer storage cylinder temperature
- Connections: G 1 flat sealing for connection to the buffer storage cylinder and potable water circuit, all internal screw connections G 1 flat sealing

Consisting of:

Potable water circuit:
- Wilo Yonos PARA ZRKC 130 circulation pump
- 3 ball valves with thermometer
- Check valve at circulation connection
- Volume flow sensor
- Safety valve10 bar
- 2 electronic resistance thermometers
- 2 fill and drain cocks

Buffer storage cylinder circuit:
- Wilo Yonos Para RS 15/7 circulation pump
- 2 electronic resistance thermometers
- 2 fill and drain cocks
- Ball valves with and without check valve and thermometer

Controller functions:
- Hot potable water temperature control
- Circulation control (time programmable: thermal or demand-dependent)
- Thermal disinfection
- Reheating
- Alarm function

Dimensions (outer dimensions insulation): width: 500 mm, height: 860 mm, depth: 260 mm

Item no.: 1381025
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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