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"OVe.r.p." enables the calculation of the energy efficiency classes of packages according to the ErP Directives (Lot 1 and Lot 2) for potable water and heating systems.

Proceeding from a selection of different products, a package label with the required information can be generated with the help of the “OVe.r.p.” software within a few steps. This enables the user to fulfil the demand of the ErP Directive already at the offer stage. The software can be updated in a data base and any new technical data for ErP relevant products can be downloaded via internet. After having selected the products for the package to be calculated, the programme determines the energy efficiency class, generates the label and adds the relevant completed ErP package fiches. A material list is generated, too. All documents can be printed or be sent via e-mail.

The official texts of the corresponding EU Directive can be called up online from the software.

Download „OVe.r.p.“