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Oil heating and solar thermal energy:
combine flexibly


Private households need more than two thirds of their final energy consumption to heat rooms. This makes energy-saving and reliable heating technology all the more important. With our modular system, you will always find the right solution for your customers, as all modules are coordinated with each other and you can combine them flexibly. For example, when retrofitting an existing oil-fired heating system, you can supplement it with solar thermal energy to provide backup heating and hot water. Find out more about our oil heating technology and our solar thermal systems here:

These are the modular Oventrop solutions:


Products for heating oil installations

Install solar systems in new buildings
or retrofit an existing building

You know it: Even in existing buildings, more people want to combine existing heating systems with solar systems. Using solar energy for heating and hot water reduces CO2 emissions and energy costs.  You can combine heat generation with solar energy with existing oil condensing boilers. Advantage for your customers: You save fuel costs. This can reduce energy costs, especially for hot water and heating.

Our solar thermal systems work for hot potable water preparation and central heating backup and provide process heat. All our components such as collectors, stations and accessories are designed in such a way that you can combine them with existing devices that are not to be replaced. Simple and flexible. So you can plan solar systems exactly as you need them - the interfaces to existing systems work reliably with our modular solutions. We also offer personal service for planning and installation.

Our oil heating technology:
flexible for many options

  • many design variants with different connection options
  • modular accessories for many applications
  • TÜV tested products
  • filters and deaerators DIN-tested and suitable for bio heating oils

Is it still permissible
to install a new oil heating system?

The following applies until the end of 2025: Old oil boilers may be replaced with a new oil condensing boiler. This can be worthwhile, as new oil condensing boilers consume significantly less heating oil.

From 2026, oil heating systems may only be installed if they are combined with renewable energies, i.e. solar thermal energy or photovoltaic systems.

In exceptional cases, a new oil heating system may also be installed then: For example, if no gas or district heating network is available and it is not possible to integrate renewable energies.