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Unibox Room temperature control and return temperature control

The Unibox room and return temperature control is used for surface tempering of rooms with a size of up to 20 m², such as the bathroom. The Uniboxes are particularly suitable for retrofitting a surface tempering system in heating systems in combined use with radiators. The Unibox is also used for individual room temperature control. The Unibox consists of a wall mounting box with presettable thermostatic valve, an integrated return temperature limiter, a vent and flush valve, a valve insulation and a cover with integrated thermostat. The cover of the Unibox T-RTL R-Tronic and TQ-RTL R-Tronic is closed. The setpoint range is adjustable between 20 °C and 40 °C (return temperature) and between 7 °C and 28 °C (room temperature). The cover with the integrated thermostat enables angle and depth compensation of the flush-mounted box installed in the wall.