Product groups

Room temperature and climate control / Hydronic balancing at the radiator
i-Tronic Climate display device
"R-Tronic" Climate display device/control wibutler gateway and hydronic balancing
Exclusive radiator valves
Exclusive radiator valves - new - 2,3 MB
Valve sets, components and accessories for for two pipe heating systems
Valve sets, components and accessories for one pipe heating systems
Manual radiator valves
"Q-Tech" Fittings for automatic hydronic balancing
Accessories for radiators
Thermostatic radiator valves - new - 3,98 MB
Water filters "Aquanova" - new - 1,75 MB
Connection system
“Multiflex” Fittings - new - 2,63 MB
Quick acting isolating valve - new - 229,43 KB
Thermostatic radiator valves - new - 3,98 MB
Surface heating and cooling "Cofloor"
"Unibox" Room temperature control
Room thermostats with wireless transmitter, wireless receivers
Multidis SFQ distributor/collector with "Q-Tech" for automatic hydronic balancing
Single components for distributors/collectors
Regulating sets for surface heating systems
Return temperature limiter set
Return temperature limiter - new - 1,85 MB
Hydronic balancing in heating and cooling systems
Hycoflow Double regulating and commissioning valves with flow display
Series KTB Valves for cooling systems
Airvents PN 10 - new - 1,51 MB
Connection of heat generators to the heating circuit/hot water supply
Regumat 220/280 DN 40/50
Regumat F/FR Stations for thermally controlled surface heating systems
Regumat RTA Stations for solid fuel boilers
Products for heat pump systems
Stations for heat pumps DN 25 - new - 406,95 KB
Stations Regumat-130 DN 25 - new - 2,15 MB
Regumat S/M3-180 heat meter DN 25
Stations Regumat-130 DN 25 - new - 2,15 MB
Storage cylinders
Connection system "Combi-System"
"Cofit P" Press connection technology (bronze)
Fixing material and accessories for pipes
“Multiflex” Fittings - new - 2,63 MB
Potable water technology "Aquanova-System"