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Get quicker

with our new balancing valves

You can set or shut off our new HydroCom balancing valve more quickly – with the new handwheel in just a turn. Especially in large projects where many valves need to be set, this saves a lot of time. The new HydroCom brings advantages for all HVAC professionals.

The advantages of the HydroCom

for consultants and contractors
  • Quick setting and shutoff: in just a turn
  • Direct setting of the kv value: handwheel with kv values
  • All inclusive: filling, draining, bleeding and measuring always possible
  • Compact size: fits even in confined spaces
  • Y-pattern body: especially flow optimised
for wholesalers
  • Few item numbers for less effort
  • Good availability
  • Modular system: compatible with HydroControl
for investors and owners
  • Reliable exact control
  • Durability through Oventrop quality
  • Good availability

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Building services control.

A heating system with Oventrop thermostatic valves and balancing valves can save up to 20 % energy. Our pioneering modular solutions make it easy.