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Our Regumaq X fresh water stations prepare hot potable water at the precise moment it is needed. The continuous flow principle maximises hygiene, since hot potable water that is prepared ahead of time is at severe risk of microbial contamination, for instance with dangerous legionella.

The Oventrop “Regumaq X-30” and “Regumaq XZ-30” fresh water stations are electronically controlled product assemblies with heat exchanger for the hygienic heating of potable water according to the flow principle.
The pressure independent control valve “Cocon QTZ” is a compact valve combination for automatic hydronic balancing consisting of a flow regulator and a regulating valve.

Automatic flow control

The new Oventrop “Q-Tech” for an automatic flow control in heating and cooling systems allows the adaptation of the volume fl ows according to the requirements of the respective terminal unit (e.g. radiator