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Dwelling station "Regudis W-HTF"
15 l/min., heat exchanger copper brazed, with variable temperature heating circuit and high temperature circuit

"Regudis W-HTF" Dwelling station with variable temperature circuit and high temperature circuit Hot potable water performance range - 15 l/min.

For the supply of heat and cold and hot potable water to individual dwellings without using auxiliary energy. Station completely pre-assembled on a base plate, leakage and function tested at works.

Consisting of:

-Copper brazed stainless steel heat exchanger, vertically installed, which reduces the risk of calcification
-Proportional flow controller with potable water priority function and integrated cold water throttling disc (the components of the potable water circuit are coated)
-Thermostatic temperature controller with quick- acting sensor for the control of the hot water outlet temperature
-Spacer for heat meter installation 110 mm, G ¾ with reducer for sensor connection G ½ for use of direct immersion sensor
-Cold water dwelling connection with spacer for water meter 110 mm, G ¾ to meter the total water consumption of a dwelling
-Valve for zone control which can be equipped with an actuator
-Facility for the deaeration and draining of the heating circuit
-Differential pressure regulator in the primary return for differential pressure regulation during quickly alternating operational conditions when drawing off hot water
-Strainer in the primary supply and heating circuit return
-7 flat sealing G ¾ collar nuts for the connection of the station to the supply pipes and the potable water circuit of the dwelling
-Complete piping of the station made of stainless steel, 18 x1

Min. cold water pressure: without flow limiter: 2.0 bar
                                       with flow limiter: 2.5 bar
Min. differential pressure supply: 300 mbar
Draw off temperature tdraw off: 40 °C up to 70 °C
Min. flow temperature: tdraw off + 15 K
Art.No.: 1341341
EAN: 4026755411829
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.


Ball valve connector block for dwelling stations "Regudis W-HTF"
Item no. 1341180
Cabinet for "Regudis W-HTF"
Item no. 1341170
Cabinet for "Regudis W-HTF", long model
Item no. 1341175
Connection set for stainless steel distributor/collector for "Regudis W-HTF"
Item no. 1341187
Plug for temperature sensor for "Regudis W", G ½ x M 10 x 1.0
Item no. 1349051
Stainless steel spacer for "Regudis W-HTU", 110 mm
Item no. 1349052
Electric sensor attached to the pipe "Sensor LW TH" with hidden temperature setting
Item no. 1143000
Heat exchanger "Regudis W-HTF" performance range 1 12 l/min. - 16 plates, copper brazed
Item no. 1341283
Heat exchanger "Regudis W-HTF" performance range 2 15 l/min. - 20 plates, copper brazed
Item no. 1341284
Heat exchanger "Regudis W-HTU/HTF" performance range 3 17 l/min. - 30 plates, copper brazed
Item no. 1341282
Heat exchanger "Regudis W-HTF" performance range 1 12 l/min. - 16 plates, nickel brazed
Item no. 1341383
Heat exchanger "Regudis W-HTF" performance range 2 15 l/min. - 20 plates, nickel brazed
Item no. 1341384
Heat exchanger "Regudis W-HTU/HTF" performance range 3 17 l/min. - 30 plates, nickel brazed
Item no. 1341292
Ball valve connection set high temperature connection for dwelling station "Regudis W-HTF"
Item no. 1341183
Surface-mounted bonnet for "Regudis W-HTF", wide model
Item no. 1341197
Surface-mounted cabinet for "Regudis W-HTU Duo" / "Regudis W-HTF" without stainless steel distributor/collectors
Item no. 1341071
Surface-mounted cabinet for "Regudis W", long model
Item no. 1341198


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Length Width Height Weight
110 mm 630 mm 655 mm 19,39 kg

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Carton 1 146 mm 641 mm 678 mm 21,21 kg
Europallet 8 1200 mm 800 mm 1200 mm 190 kg


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ETIM 7.0 EC012346
District heating unit
Property Value
Width 630 mm
Model Indirect
Height 665 mm
Depth 110 mm
Suitable for CH/tap water
With adapter for heat meter
With heat meter
Primary flow temperature 20 - 50
Tap water power 36 kW
Adjustment range hot water temperature 40 - 70
Nominal internal diameter hot tap water 3/4 inch (20)
Nominal inner diameter cold tap water 3/4 inch (20)
Tap capacity at 60°C, continuous 15 l/min
Max. operating pressure 1000 kPa
Exchanger with dual separation
Nominal inner diameter heating 3/4 inch (20)
Nominal inner diameter of supply 3/4 inch (20)
Nominal inner diameter return 3/4 inch (20)