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Hydromat DTR Differential pressure regulator with external thread PN 16
DN 25 G 1 ¼, nominal value 250-700 mbar

“Hydromat DTR” Differential pressure regulator PN 16

for a constant control of the set nominal value as proportional regulator working without auxiliary energy. Nominal value infinitely adjustable between 250 and 700 mbar. Nominal value can be locked and be read off from the outside at any time. With hidden isolation and ball valve for draining and filling.

Valve body, bonnet and regulator housing made of bronze. Inner parts made of brass resistant to dezincification (DZR). O-rings and diaphragm made of EPDM.

Both male thread and collar nuts.

Material: Bronze
Surface: Untreated
kvmax-Value: 7,5
Size: DN 25
Connection: External thread with union nut
Item no.: 1064808
EAN: 4026755333060
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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