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OKP Tube collectors

The OKP tube collectors can be used for hot potable water preparation, solar backup heating, swimming pool heating and also for the generation of process heat. They can be used in portrait format with an axis inclination of 15°- 75° for on-roof installation, free-standing installation (flat roof installation) or façade installation. 

The tube collectors consist of the vacuum tubes, a header, a pre-assembled side rail set for quick and easy mounting and a tube holder (foot rail). The tube collector is a heat pipe tube collector. The heat is transferred from the absorber via an aluminium fin to the heat pipe. This causes the liquid inside the heat pipe to evaporate and the vapour to rise into the condenser. The double pipe heat exchanger in the header, in which the condenser is located, transfers the heat to the heat transfer medium flowing past. As a result, the vapour condenses and runs back down the heat pipe and the process is repeated.

Due to the high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials used and the high-quality thermal insulation (“thermos flask” principle) the tube collectors achieve a particularly high degree of efficiency. In addition, they are characterised by a modular design that allows for easy one-man installation.