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Hycocon Control valves

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Hycocon Two-way valves

Thermostatic control valves are installed in the pipelines of hot water central heating systems and cooling systems and enable the hydronic balancing of the pipelines with each other. They can also be combined with thermostatic or electric actuators. Balancing is carried out using a reproducible presetting. The valve can be installed in the supply and the return pipe.
Before the valve is installed in the pipework, it must thoroughly flushed. Installation of a strainer is recommended.
The valve can be operated with the screw cap during construction. However, the screw cap must not be used to permanently shutoff the valve against open atmosphere. In this case, the valve outlet must be secured with a metal cap.
Thanks to the universal M 30 x 1.5 connection thread, the control valve can be easily equipped with a thermostat or an actuator.

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