Valvola Termostatica "Aquastrom VT" per imp. sanitari a
circolazione, raccordi a pressare 22mm, isolam.,n. VP55

OVENTROP-"Aquastrom VT" Thermostatic valve with adjustable temperature control range and adjustable residual volume flow for ciculation pipes Bronze

Application: Potable water installations PN 16 for circulation pipes according to work sheets W551 and W553.

DVGW, SVGW, KIWA, VA, WRAS and WaterMark certified.

Max. water temperature: 90 °C

Thermal control: Max. control range: 50 ° C - 65 °C Recommended control range: 55 °C - 60 °C Preset to 57 °C.

Automatic thermal disinfection. Disinfection range starts about 6 K above the set temperature. The disinfection volume flow returns to the residual volume flow approximately 12 K above the set temperature to guarantee the supply of the succeeding system during thermal disinfection. The thermal control function is maintained even if the residual flow value is set very low. This way, an exact hydronic balance of the individual circuits according to the pipework calculation is possible. All parts in contact with potable water are made of non-brass materials.

Complete with insulation shells made of EPS according to the Energy Saving Directive (EnEV), fire protection class B1.

Material: Bronzo
Surface: grezzo

Pressione nominale: 16 bar
max. operating temperature: 90 °C

Item no.: 4205754
EAN: 4026755347821
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
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Dimensioni del prodotto
Lunghezza Larghezza Altezza Peso
190 mm 145 mm 77 mm 1,07 kg
Unità di imballaggio
Tipologia Quantita` Lunghezza Larghezza Altezza Peso
Cartone 1 200 mm 165 mm 105 mm 1,22 kg

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3537 px x 3537 px
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597 px x 459 px
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ETIM 7.0 EC011516
Thermostatic flow control valve, hot tap water
Property Value
collegamento 1 altri
con termometro
articolo stadio di pressione PN 16
sigillo di approvazione KIWA
With drain
Handle/hand wheel height 95 mm
With measuring connector
Setting can be locked
With thermometer connection
intervallo di regolazione temperatura 50 - 65
Min. flow
Disinfection function Thermostatic expansion module
con raccordo di collegamento 2
materiale della scatola bronzo
valore Kvs 0.3
With position indicator
With measuring nipples
diametro nominale interno DN 20