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Simply quicker
HydroCom balancing valve

Setting and shutting off is quick and easy with our new HydroCom balancing valve – in just a turn. And you can set the correct value directly, because the kv scale is printed on the handwheel. This saves you a lot of time, especially in larger objects. And you can control hydronic balancing reliably and easily.

Reliability simplified

We’ve enhanced our HydroControl to make your job easier and quicker. Only one thing doesn't change: our new balancing valves are extremely reliable. They are made in Germany and are manufactured in the Oventrop proven quality. The new HydroControl generation offers many benefits for HVAC experts and owners.

Reliable, just in time
Regumaq X Stations

Our Regumaq X fresh water stations heat potable water exactly when it is needed. This continuous flow principle is particularly hygienic - because when hot potable water is stored, large quantities of germs can develop, such as the dangerous legionella bacteria.

Stays balanced under pressure
Cocon QTZ

Our Cocon QTZ is a pressure-independent control valve – the solution for automatic hydronic balancing of heat exchangers such as fan coil units or cooling ceilings. You can set and read it easily, even with mounted actuator. The Cocon QTZ provides precise control of the flow, no matter what. As part of our pioneering modular system for hydronic balancing.
Cocon QTZ

New products & solutions

A pro for bathroom design–  
our new Unibox

Our new Unibox with a genuine glass cover is a real eye-catching piece for your customers.

Perfectly controlled:
Our modular products and systems