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Control unit "Regufloor HN" DN 25 Heating

Control unit "Regufloor HN"

Fixed value control unit for connection to the stainless steel distributor/collector.

Pre-assembled and tested fixed value control unit with Wilo-Yonos PARA pump with axial pump housing, three-way diverting valve, check valve and temperature controller with contact sensor and heat transfer unit.

Control range: 20-50 °C

Electric pipe contact safety switch for max. limitation of the flow temperature.

Temperature range: 20-90 °C

Max. operating pressure: 6 bar Permissible pressure difference Δpmax.: 200 kPa (2 bar) Max. flow temperature primary side: 90 °C Max. flow temperature secondary side: 50 °C
Art.No.: 1151600
EAN: 4026755401523
Výrobce: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.


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Délka Šířka Výška Hmotnost
310 mm 215 mm 90 mm 4,78 kg

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Lepenková krabice 1 390 mm 295 mm 165 mm 5,4 kg
Europaleta 30 1200 mm 800 mm 1100 mm 183,85 kg


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ETIM 7.0 EC010292
Floor heating control unit
Property Value
Height 195 mm
Depth 100 mm
With de-aeration
Material Brass
With mounting material
With pump
Position connection central heating Side
With drain
Number of floor heating groups 2
Nominal inner diameter central heating 1 inch (25)
Outer CH pipe diameter 42 mm
With wall-mounting bracket
Connection central heating Internal thread