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ClimaCon F 310 und F 100

A modular system solutions, many possibilities for room temperature control

Your customers want to enjoy the comfort of surface heating and cooling? With our ClimaCon F room thermostats, we provide you with a system solution that is easy to install and quick to configure.
This means that you always have exactly the solution your customers need: From a simple room thermostat that controls the temperature - to a digital solution for heating and cooling that can be operated via app. Comfort is always included : even the simple model variant can be regulated to the exact degree. Our ClimaCon F room thermostats are also suitable for operation with heat pumps.
Our ClimaCon F system solution is suitable for detached houses and dwellings - and is easy to retrofit. Its new, independent design shows what modern building technology can look like.

The advantages of the ClimaCon F room thermostats

for installers
  • Modular system solution: from the simple to the digital variant with a wide range of functions
  • Easy to install: convenient electrical connection to the mounting plate, installation of the room thermostat via click system
  • Quick to configure: ClimaCon F 210 and F 310 via smartphone app
  • Useable with heat pumps, compatible with Oventrop connecting block and electrothermal actuators
for end customers
  • Intuitive operation: clear, reduced operating elements and app for comfort functions
  • Energy-saving room temperature control: Eco mode, e.g. during absence or at night
  • Modern design: new, uniform design of the system

Surface heating and cooling?
Under control with our systems.

With our modules, you have a solution for the entire surface heating and cooling system: To operate our ClimaCon F room thermostats, you need our actuators. Then you can connect them to the Cofloor surface heating and other components, for example very simply with our connecting block. Or you can combine the ClimaCon F with the Unibox individual room temperature control.
ClimaCon Regudis

A strong double.
Our modular dwelling stations and
room thermostats

Precise room temperature control works when everything interacts. Just like our Regudis W-HTE dwelling stations and ClimaCon F room thermostats. They are perfectly matched to each other. And you can work with a modular system that you can rely on.

When you install our Regudis W-HTE dwelling station, you can save energy with the ClimaCon F room thermostats: With the ClimaCon F room thermostats you can define a setback temperature via a time profile.

Precise temperature.
Pure design.
Smart control.

With their pioneering, independent, pure design, our ClimaCon F room thermostats blend into any environment. And they are quite inconspicuous: the LEDs only light up briefly when the room thermstat is operated manually or settings are changed via app.
The digital ClimaCon F can be operated very easily via Bluetooth using an app. The time profiles that can be set are particulary convenient. On weekdays, for example, the underfloor heating is automatically set to a comfortable temperature in the morning and when no one is at home during the day, the heating is lowered. This saves energy.

Alternatively, the digital model can also be operated directly at the room thermostat. The set-up is very simple and self-explanatory, making it very easy to operate. With only three visible keys, users can intuitively switch on or off, set the desired temperature and time profiles or activate the Eco mode, for example.
ClimaCon App
here you can go to the climacon app

Simply installed – with ClimaCon F.
Diagrams for the electrical connection.