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Potable water hygiene–
you now control it with Oventrop

Why is hygienic potable water important? Quite simply: because even water of drinking quality can become a hazard on its way to the tap. If potable water stagnates and is stocked for too long, dangerous germs such as legionella can easily multiply.

You can avoid these and many other contamination dangers with Oventrop and our modular potable water solutions! Thanks to our pioneering technologies and high-quality materials, you ensure an optimal distribution and heating of potable water. In this way, you provide safety to the potable water technology of your customers:

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Life without water 
is impossible

Water is the source of life. Human beings are made up of 70 per cent water! We cook, wash and shower with it and should consume at least two litres a day. It is therefore all the more important that potable water hygiene is maintained in order to guarantee optimum quality at all times. With our modular systems, you can ensure clean potable water for your customers - safely and reliably!


Control potable water quality
and how?

The basic potable water quality is defined by the so-called Potable Water Ordinance as well as various guidelines, legal principles, recommendations and regulations. These include, for example, points such as:

•    Potablewater must not contain pathogens in concentrations that could cause harm to human health.
•    For public and residential buildings, there is an obligation to test for legionella in hot water installations.
•    Testing must be carried out at least every three years.
•    The owner is obliged to check whether there is an obligation to test his installation.

So that potable water
remains hygienic potable water

This tested potable water must continue to be protected even after it has entered the building. And that's where Oventrop comes into play. From double regulating and commissioning valves to thermostatic control valves and circulation pumps, we maintain the potable water quality in the building as well. Systems such as our Regumaq X fresh water stations ensure hygienic hot potable water preparation - just in time, when it is needed. Plan and install a modular, holistic and above all safe potable water system - with Oventrop.