Liblikventiil, PN16
ajamiga, -10 +110 °C, Seat: EPDM, DN200

OVENTROP-Wafer butterfly valve made of nodular cast iron, PN 16

Application: BS 5155 Water between -10 °C and +110 °C and general applications. Not suitable for gas and hydrocarbons.

Extended neck for insulation purposes.

Body: GJS-500 (GGG-50) nodular cast iron Stem: AISI420 stainless steel Disc: CF8M AISI316 stainless steel Liner: EPDM

Water pattern, gear operated

oven@kvs-Wert: 2356
DN: DN 200

max. töörõhk: 16 bar
min. töötemperatuur: -10 °C
max. töötemperatuur: 110 °C

Item no.: 1046956
EAN: 4026755122244
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
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495 mm 329 mm 190 mm 18,05 kg
Artikkel Kogus Pikkus Laius Kõrgus Kaal
Kartong 1 500 mm 335 mm 195 mm 18,09 kg
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