DN40, PN 16, pronks

OVENTROP-Swing type check valve - female threaded model

Oventrop bronze swing type check valve PN 16, both ports female thread according to ISO 228. With metal to metal seal.

Body made of bronze, inner parts made of brass.

Oventrop swing type check valve for horizontal and vertical installation.

Materjal: Pronks / Messing

oven@kvs-Wert: 44.9
DN: DN 40

max. töörõhk: 16 bar
min. töötemperatuur: -10 °C
max. töötemperatuur: 80 °C

Item no.: 1075012
EAN: 4026755128796
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
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106,8 mm 81 mm 108 mm 1,46 kg
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Kartong 1 106,8 mm 81 mm 108 mm 1,46 kg
Kartong 5 295 mm 285 mm 115 mm 7,64 kg

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