Termostaatventiil "Seeria ADV6"  ENAM EI TOODETA
DN20, 3/4", PN10, nurk

OVENTROP-Thermostatic radiator valve “Series ADV 6”

with double function provoking an automatic closing of the valve to 5% of the nominal flow (frost protection) should the thermostat be removed or destroyed. Valve insert replaceable under working conditions with the help of the special tool. Presetting by use of the presetting key or a 13 mm spanner.

Brass valve with nickel plated body, stem made of stainless steel. For threaded and compression connection.

The valves of the "Series ADV 6" have a grey- green protection cap.

Thermostat connection thread: M 30 x 1.5

Materjal: Messing
Suurus: 20 DN

oven@Differenzdruck: 1 bar
max. töörõhk: 10 bar
max. töötemperatuur: 120 °C

Item no.: 1188166
EAN: 4026755186680
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
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Pikkus Laius Kõrgus Kaal
82,5 mm 68 mm 41,1 mm 0,38 kg
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Kott 1 85 mm 70 mm 45 mm 0,38 kg
Kartong 25 298 mm 285 mm 115 mm 9,72 kg
Tundmatu 2000 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm 756 kg

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