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Tank equipment for oil heating technology

Filling and bleeding, filling level

Fittings for safe filling and bleeding, as well as for level detection.
Tank caps ensure a secure closure and connection of the filling hose to the filling pipe of the tank. Tank caps with bayonet according to EN 14420 part 6 (or part 8 for France) are recommended for a direct connection of the filling hose of the tank vehicle. Tank caps with screw connection provide a secure hold for adapter pieces.

Metal vent caps are particularly durable.

Fuel gauge locks as well as mechanical and pneumatic tank level indicators are available for determining the fill level.

Tank filling limiters

The switching amplifier of the tank truck in conjunction with the tank filling limiter prevents overfilling of the tank. The tank filling limiter is a “sensor for tanks with current interface as part of an overfill protection system of type B and design B1 according to EN 13616”. All tank filling limiters are TÜV tested and are marked with CE sign.

The 2 types differ in the connection fitting:
Type 21300 with fitting for pipe mounting (904), preferred for underground tanks according to e.g. DIN 6608, DIN 6616, DIN 6617, EN 12285-1, EN 12285-2, DIN 6624, DIN 6619, DIN 6623, and DIN 4119.

Type 21301 with fitting for wall mounting (905), cable length approx. 5 m, preferred for above ground tanks according to e.g. DIN 6620, DIN 6625, EN 12573 parts 1-3, EN 13341 parts 1-3, EN 13121 parts 1-3 and battery tanks with general type approval up to 25 single tanks.

A tank filling limiter of type 21301 is also included in the Flexo-Bloc item no. 2052351.

Tank filling limiters - Accessories and spare parts

Products for vacuum tank monitoring

Vacuum tank monitors control the intermediate area of double-walled tanks, or tanks with PVC inner jacket. The fittings for this enable the connection of the monitoring lines and the protection of the devices with liquid safety device and condensate collector.

Flexo-Bloc Tank extraction systems

The Flexo-Bloc tank extraction devices combine suction opening with spacer foot, suction hose, tank and pipe connections, backflow preventer and quick shutoff in one device. The Flexo-Bloc is also available with a level indicator pipe (for pneumatic tank level indicators), floating suction or tank filling limiter. Pipe connection for supply pipe and partly for return pipe available.
The suction hose is suitable for tank heights up to 2 m and up to 3 m.

The G 3/8 internal thread on the burner side is suitable for OV compression fittings 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm.

Tank extraction

Tank extraction devices can also be customised with the individual components foot valve, flexible suction line, gland fittings, non-return ball check valves with shutoff and backflow preventer, reducers and ripcord.