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Our new room thermostats: one system, many possibilities.

Your customers want to enjoy the comfort of surface heating and cooling and you want to control the room temperature easily at the same time? With our ClimaCon F room thermostats, we provide you with a system solution that is easy to install and quick to configure.
For your customers, you always have exactly the solution they need: From a simple room thermostat that controls the temperature - to a digital solution for heating and cooling that can be operated via an app. Our ClimaCon F room thermostats are also suitable for operation with heat pumps.
Our ClimaCon F system solution is suitable for detached houses and dwellings– and can easily be retrofitted. Its new unique design reveals how stylish modern technology can be.

The advantages of the ClimaCon F room thermostats

  • Modular system solution: from the simple to the digital variant with a wide range of functions
  • Easy to install: cabling without screws, mounting with a click system
  • The ClimaCon F 210 and F 310 can be configured quickly via the smartphone app
  • Can be used with heat pumps, compatible with FloorCon connecting block and electrothermal actuators
  • Intuitive operation: clear, reduced control elements and app for comfort functions
  • Energy-saving room temperature control: Eco mode e.g. in case of absence or at night
  • Modern design: new, holistic system design

Hydronic balancing for underfloor heating.
Automatic control with little effort.

With our system consisting of ClimaCon room thermostats and the compatible FloorCon connecting block, you can carry out hydronic balancing without calculation. With comparatively little effort, you can save heating costs - and increase comfort.
If hydronic balancing is not carried in heating systems, this can lead to problems: Rooms are either too warm or not warm enough because the heating circuits get either too much or too little hot water, depending on whether they are located close to or far away from the boiler. Hydronic balancing of an underfloor heating system distributes heat evenly and optimally throughout the system. For a good calculatioin, however, you need building plans and technical documents, which in most cases are not available.

Hydronic balancing without calculations?
Smart control.

You can easily control the hydronic balancing of underfloor heating systems with our ClimaCon F room thermostats and the compatible FloorCon connecting block. It has an intelligent processor that continuously controls the room and return temperature. This means that hydronic balancing can by carried out without any calculations.

The advantages of the FloorCon terminal

  • Adaptive process controls the heat demand just-in-time
  • Takes environmental influences such as outside temperature or different flooring coverings directly into account
  • System automatically adjusts to the desired or set room temperature
  • Pressure-independent control of the volume flow, going beyond conventional hydronic balancing – in combination with our Multidis SFQ heating circuit distributor/collector

Our modular system.
Solutions that are compatible with ClimaCon and FloorCon: