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Cofloor Thin-layer system

The Cofloor thin-layer system consists of a base mat and pipe. This system can be used for new construction and renovation. The base mats have no thermal insulation in order to achieve the lowest possible installation height. The special geometry of the nubs makes it easy to lay 12 mm Copert PE-RT plastic pipes.

The handy base mats have practically no waste. They can be laid economically and user-friendly in small, angled rooms as well as in large areas. With the PE foil of the optional edge insulation strips and the overlapping of the base mats at the edge of the mats, a dense surface is obtained so that cement screed or liquid screed can be applied without further sealing. This reliably prevents a sound bridge to the raw concrete.
The coordinated components allow for a quick installation even with a one-man installation. The suitable levelling compounds should be taken from the data sheet.

Tested minimum construction heights:
- Knauf N 430 min. 17 mm
- PCI periplan extra min. 18 mm
- Weber-Maxit weber.loor min. 18 mm
- Knauf N 440 min. 21 mm
- Mapei Novoplan-Maxi min. 18 mm
- Sopro filler FS 15 plus (FS 15 550)
min. 18 mm

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