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Regumat Stations for solid fuel boilers

Regumat RTA Stations for return temperature increase

For the connection of a solid fuel boiler. The return temperature to the solid fuel boiler is at least approx. 55 °C and thus above the dew point. It prevents condensate tar formation. During start-up mode the boiler circuit is short circuited. Hot supply water is fed to the return flow via the bypass. When the return temperature of 55 °C is reached, the mixing valve opens.

The stations consist of a shutoff device with two ball valves, two thermometers integrated in the handles to display the flow and return temperatures, a check valve to prevent incorrect circulation, a three-way mixing valve with temperature controller and a thermal insulation.

The Regumat stations are characterised by a time- and space-saving installation of the boilers to the pipework systems. A high degree of functional reliability is ensured by maintenance-free components and high-quality materials. The stations can be modularly extended with various accessories.

Regumat RTA Accessories and spare parts