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Combine easily:
our stations and storage cylinders

Stations and storage cylinders are central components in heating systems. You can combine our modular solutions exactly as you need them - in detached houses or multiple dwellings, in new or existing buildings. Even for heating systems with renewable energies, you can choose from our modular products what suits the requirements of your customers now and in the future. The result: Reliability in operation, because everything is coordinated with each other. The system always works reliably - also because the modules are absolutely durable.


These are the modular Oventrop solutions:

Stations, Storage cylinders

Stations for heating circuit and cooling circuit connection

Stations for solar thermal energy

Stations for local and district heating

Stations for hot potable water preparation

Flexible and reliable heating, cooling and hot potable water preparation with our stations



Oventrop stations are the reliable "control centre" in heating systems. Like our Regumat stations for heating circuits and our Regumat stations for solid fuel boilers: The connection groups are made of brass or bronze and are very durable. That's why you can rely on everything working perfectly, for a long time. A groundbreaking feature is that you can expand the system modularly, for example by adding a heating circuit controller.

Our Regudis W dwelling stations supply individual dwellings or commercial units with heat as well as hot and cold potable hot water. And they do it perfectly hygienically, because the hot potable water does not need to be stored. Is solar thermal energy used in the system? No problem - you can flexibly combine our Regudis W dwelling stations with solar thermal systems. Buffer storage cylinders are required to supply the dwelling stations, with which you can integrate solar thermal energy into the entire system in an energy-efficient manner.

Our storage cylinders
are quick and easy to install


Just as electricity from renewable energies needs to be stored, heating energy from renewable energies also needs storage. The energy transition presents you with new tasks: When you plan and install heating systems with renewable energies, you have to keep an eye on many components. Our Regucor energy storage centres make it easy for you: they have a modular design and supply detached and semi-detached houses with heating and hot potable water. And they are groundbreakingly reliable. Your installation and piping costs are low, as the pipes are routed internally and the product groups are pre-assembled. This means that there is only one connection level to the domestic installation. All components are hydraulically matched to each other. This makes heat storage and heat extraction precise and reliable. You can find out more about our energy storage centres, buffer storage clinders and potable water storage cylinders here.