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GHF Valve insert with fine presetting
for compact radiators, G ½ ET, for seat diameter 16 H 11, kvs = 0.37

Valve insert GHF

with fine presetting, with G ½ male thread and thermostat connection M 30 x 1.5, with seat diamter 16 H 11
Protection cap: red

For the installation into the valve bodies of integrated distributors (e.g. panel radiators).

The valve insert is presettable to suit the hydronic requirements of the heating system.

The valve insert is suitable for the thermostats "Uni XH", "Uni XHM", "Uni XHT", "Uni LH", "Uni LHB", "Uni LHZ", "Uni SH", "Uni CH", "vindo TH" and "pinox H".

The valve insert is suitable for the integrated distributors of the following radiator manufacturers: De Longhi, Ribe, VEHA.

kvmax-Value: 0,37
Item no.: 1018097
EAN: 4026755236934
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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